8260A Tri-Amplified SAM Monitor System

The 8260A Smart Active Monitor (SAM™) is a masterpiece in electro-acoustic design. It features Genelec's proprietary Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC™) driver.

The 8260A combines outstanding three-way monitor design with Genelec state of the art AutoCal™ and Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) control network technologies. GLM allows to automatically align every monitor on the network in terms of level, timing, and equalisation of room response anomalies. Together with the 8260A breakthrough MDC driver design, Genelec MDE™ and advanced DCW™ technologies provide accurate imaging and outstanding clarity and definition of the inner details of the music.
The 8260A is the most sophisticated monitoring solution for recording studios, post-production houses, digital mastering facilities, radio and TV broadcasting.
Genelec 8260A DSP
maximum sound pressure level 113 dB
frequency response 23 Hz – 40 kHz (-6 dB)
crossover frequency ± 1 dB (29 Hz - 21kHz)
driver dimension Woofer 10 in + Midrange/Tweeter MDC™
5 / ¾ in, coaxial + DCW™
amplifier power Woofer 150 W + Midrange 120 W + Tweeter 120 W
dimensions H 593 x W 357 x D 347 mm
23 3/8 x 14 1/16 x 13 5/8 in,
with Iso-Pod™
weight 27.5 kg / 60.5 lb
connectors 1 x XLR digital in
1 x XLR analog in
1 x XLR digital thru

8260A back view
TEC Winner09 Genelec 8260 has won the MIPA Award 2011 as best studio monitor in the nearfield category, beating off tough opposition in a highly competitive field. Over 100 magazines from the worldwide music press took part in the voting system.
 Genelec AM Gear 2010 Genelec 8260 has been recognized as the Gear of the Year 2010 by Audio Media with the select few who have released products in 2010 that are seen to be innovative and outstanding in their field.
 Resolutin Awards 2010 Genelec 8260A has won the Monitoring category in the 2010 Resolution Awards. The Resolution Awards aim to recognize outstanding quality and innovation in professional audio.
 TEC Nominee 2010 Genelec 8260A has won the 2010 Technical Excellence & Creativity Award in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement, Studio Monitor Technology.
 Mix Certified Hit Genelec 8260A monitor was selected by the editors of Mix Magazine as one of the Top-20 hits of the AES 2009 show.
 Pro Audio Review Par Excellence 2009 Genelec 8260A monitor was selected by the editorial staff of Pro Audio Review as one ot the 25 announced winners of the 2009 PAR Excellence Award. This award is presented to professional audio companies that introduced a particularly significant new product at the 127th AES Convention.
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The 8260A DSP loudspeaker can be used with one or two 7271A DSP subwoofers in stereo and up to
7.1-channel surround systems. The GLM software and control network provide easy and
efficient control of the complete system.

7271A & 8260A (2.1 stereo)

7271A with two 8260A
v-line 7271A & 8260A (7.1 surround)

7271A with seven 8260A