HT210B Active Speaker System

The bi-amplified GENELEC HT210B is a two way active speaker system designed for high quality Home Theater installations.

Designed as an active speaker, this unit contains drivers, power amplifiers, active crossover filtering and protection circuitry.
The Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™) technology provides excellent frequency balance even in difficult acoustic environments.

The HT210B is aimed at the needs of high-end dedicated home theaters. It is capable of enormous output and will fill all but the largest rooms.

The amplifier panel includes a DIP-switch set that allows the user to turn the LED indicator on or off. If ON is selected, there is another dip switch that enables the LED to show standby (yellow) & overload (red) or only standby.

Note: HT210B is available in painted black only.

HT210B 1 front view 
maximum sound pressure level 113 dB
frequency response 42 Hz - 22 kHz (± 2.5 dB)
crossover frequency 1,8 kHz
driver dimension Bass 10 in + Treble 1 in
metal dome + DCW™
amplifier power Bass 180 W + Treble 120 W
dimensions H x W x D 495 x 320 x 290 mm
weight 21,7 Kg (48 lb)
connectors  1 x XLR analog in, 1 x RCA analog in
HT210B back view 

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